©Copyright 2008-2018 - Toula Magi Facebook Page This image was one of the first illustrations that I drew myself. Initially, I was very enthusiastic about sketching the illustrations. As you can see, I’m not an artist by any means, but I took my time drawing the first few pictures. This image is towards the end of the book, I realized that drawing was not my thing, so my enthusiasm for illustrating dwindled. I got lazy, and I ended up drawing stick figures for the rest of the book. After I sent the illustrator a "mock up" version of my book, which included the text, my drawings, and a description of each page, he provided me with a full set of pencil sketches to look over. It was so exciting to see the story finally come to life with each illustration. The entire illustration process took over three months to complete. Once I approved the pencil sketches, the illustrator then provided me with the full-color illustrations. This is the first color illustration I received  from the illustrator. There’s a big difference between my drawing and the artist’s drawing, don’t you think?